Well I guess if we have to work together, we will have to know more about each other! Let's start with me! 

My name is Stephanie Martin. I was born and raised in Canada. 
I studied in a Fine Arts Major and an Entrepreneurship Minor
I have been practicing photography for 4 years.

I am a dedicated and passionate worker who likes to create. I will do all I can to make my clients feel special and to make our relationship as easy going and simple as possible.  

If you want to know me a little better here are some randoms facts about me

  • I LOVE cats. I own one. You might see her in my blog from time to time. Her name is Kenya Le Chat.
  • I also love clouds. They are so pretty. Skies are what I photograph the most. Funny thing here, you won't see any on the web site.
  • Humour is VERY IMPORTANT in my life and a big part of who I am. Absurd may be one of my favorite kind. I also like exaggerated-dramatized-theatrical situations and the unexpected. Don't be shy to ask for this kind of theme in your photos.  
  • I am a dreamer. I enjoy life at its simplest. I believe that imagination and dreams should take more place in our lives. 
  • I simply just love beautiful images. I like to get myself lost in them, in their world. It makes me feel like I am part of something bigger. 
  • I feel quite uncomfortable writing about myself. I am aware that this whole part won't be a seller. Look at my images if you need to be convinced!