A Dream of Spring | Munich Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Spring has arrived in Munich and the blossoms are there to prove it.
I have been wanting to do a session with those gorgeous trees since forever and this week I finally had the chance to do so! We had to hurry though because it doesn’t last long!
We did the session around a single tree! I was amazed by all the diversity it offered us!

The result here is a very feminine, soft and refreshing portrait session.

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Munich Day After Bridal Session | Destination Photo Session | Kaitie and Tyler

Can you believe these guys flew all the way from Illinois to Munich, Germany to have their bridal session during their honeymoon?
What a wonderful idea! I mean, sometimes you just wish to relax on your wedding day and spend it all with your guests. You can then later have your bridal session when the weather is nice, you feel more relaxed, and have more time.

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Séance familiale à la maison!

I rarely book indoor sessions. They are available, but people are more likely to book me for my outdoor images, which is what I think I do best. I'm drawn to green landscapes and natural elements. I must admit I am more at ease outdoor, especially with children who want to run and have fun! 

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So my boyfriend and I spent 3 days in Croatia. Wanting a little sun and some holidays. It had been so long since we traveled together. 
He already went there, but I didn't. I knew the country was nice, but I didn't expect that.  
The whole scenery is so georgeous!!!! And the turquoise water! I'm in love. I have to go back when summer comes! 

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Chambly Family Session | Maureen, Nick & Aedan

I find it harder to write about my friends, it skews the experience!  
Well, this couple I met in 2004, I think? They got together during our first year of CEGEP and we fast became friends. 
Maureen even remembered we used to have ballet classes together, I could only vaguely remember though. She was the anglophone girl, part of this little anglophone group. I didn't speak a word of english. Plus, I think I only stayed a year in her class! Talk about a good memory. 

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Séance famille | De concepts à la simplicité | Judith

Normalement, on se serait appelé, on se serait parlé de tous les thèmes que l'on aurait voulu faire. On aurait discuté d'accessoires, de mondes magiques, de trucs fous, de concepts originaux.
On a essayé, mais finalement on s'est dit que cette fois, la simplicité serait la bienvenue.

La simplicité de nous a pas empêché d'avoir une séance magique, de résultats magiques. Le soleil, le jeu, et plein d'énergie. C'est ce qu'il nous aura fallu pour réaliser cette séance. 

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