Welcome to my new web site!

So! Once again, Im starting a new blog and also a new website. This time I mean to keep it since I am done university and am not a poor student struggling to make ends. That overall means I can afford having this awesome web site! 

My three years at university have been filled with many adventures and lots of discoveries. I am glad I made this choice and stopped photography for that while. 

My last semester has been the most important to me because, with a fresh view on things, I went back into photography and realized I loved and missed it! I am now ready to start anew in this field and to make projects and dreams happen. 

I have so many ideas and so many themes I want to try and discover. Most of them are more related to things and situations I have observed in the most recent years. Themes might not be so joyful though. Social criticism is more the way I wish to go now. Those images might work more with a Fine Arts perspective. 

As for my other projects, I would like to push more advertising like style of images. I love doing montages and to build a set. I love the challenges it brings me. 

I hope, overall, that I can make you discover my inner world and hope you can either enjoy or relate to it in your own way.