Routine and Adventures

Sadly, it doesn't happen to me so often to bring my camera along on adventures such as: riding the underground train, visiting the port, just walking, signing in the rain, or going to school. (Yes, I'm currently learning German!) 
It is sad because I miss so many opportunities to practice! These photos normally never end up as pieces of art work. Nevertheless, they remain very important to me. They are part of my daily life, part of my experience as a human in this world. 

But, you know, that camera is very heavy! Its not always practical to carry this ??? with many other bags and items. (remember, I go to school, my bag is heavy enough with books and dictionaries!) 
But somedays, I find courage and strength! I decide to to some arm and back exercise and invite my camera for a walk. We go on adventures together, just like best friends! 

And then I get to experiment. This I don't often do. I'm the kind of person who always wants to make things perfect the first try and who doesn't accept failure. That personality traits forces me to always get better and to achieve results for which I am proud. Yet, it also means that most of the time, I'm too scared to even practice. You should guess that this is rather counter productive. 
It takes A LOT of practice in order to get better at mostly anything. In the creative industry, the same occurs. 
When you are so perfectionist that you are too scared to practice, what happens? Well you don't get better and your "failure-suck-i-suck" part of yourself becomes really angry at itself! 
That is me. 

Here is the result of that experiment. It was a successful one, good for my ego. I tried different things and went along with the landscape that was offered to me. That day was very much about lines and geometry. It is something I'd really want to pursue. Sometimes the results can be a little bit dry emotionally, but they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. One day I may even achieve both well! 

So here are the results. 
Big thanks to my awesome boyfriend for being so patient in front of my camera!!