Chambly Family Session | Maureen, Nick & Aedan

Chambly Family Session | Emeris Photography

I find it harder to write about my friends, it skews the experience!  
Well, this couple I met in 2004, I think? They got together during our first year of CEGEP and we fast became friends. 
Maureen even remembered we used to have ballet classes together, I could only vaguely remember though. She was the anglophone girl, part of this little anglophone group. I didn't speak a word of english. Plus, I think I only stayed a year in her class! Talk about a good memory. 

Well, let's say they both are very close friend of mine. We went through many things together. Or I could say, my life was a mess (yes really) and thankfully they were there for me. Of all my friends today, they are the ones who might know me best, even if they aren't childhood friends. 
So when they were expecting a baby, surprise, they asked me to be the godmother of their first born son! I was very happy! 

I can't see them often, since I live an ocean away, but we talk from time to time. This summer I stayed there for a few weeks (thanks to delays from my visa) and we managed, just before I left for the airport, to capture some memories!