Romantic Wedding in Slovakia | Ingrid and Miki

Fairytale Wedding in Bratislava, Slovakia

3rd of June 2016, Day 1

Storms were raging across Europe. Some kilometres away were rain and floods. The forecast in Bratislava was not so good for the weekend and we woke up to a cloudy morning. The day was supposed to be cloudy with showers. We could deal with that, we had time.

Around noon, the sun came through. The clouds lifted and left. We hurried to our first destination: Schlosshof in Austria.

Luck was with us that day. Almost no rain came. Rarely did the clouds even hide the sun for us. It was a beautiful day, warm but not too hot. All the locations were so romantic! And the dress!! Ingrid chose this dress because she knew it would fit with the magnificent decor. 

The couple decided they would do their portrait session the day before the Big Day. To all couples out there I tell you: It is such an excellent idea. No stress. No guests waiting! We could drive wherever we wanted! That allowed us to have such magical and romantic images! I can't even choose a favorite! Can you? 

4th of June, Day 2.

We woke up to a day similar to the one before. Cloudy with a little bit of sun. Once again we were lucky. A storm rolled in during the afternoon, but only once we were done with all the ceremony and all the formal photos.
The day went on smoothly and no stress came to us. Everything was so well organized.
It was, again, such a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed the moment.