So my boyfriend and I spent 3 days in Croatia. Wanting a little sun and some holidays. It had been so long since we traveled together. 
He already went there, but I didn't. I knew the country was nice, but I didn't expect that.  
The whole scenery is so georgeous!!!! And the turquoise water! I'm in love. I have to go back when summer comes! 

Day 1. 
So we landed on saturday evening in Split. The sun was already setting. Since the forecast for the next day was bad, we decided to drive somewhere else. So we went to Trogir, and then further away to Sibenik (pronounced Chibenik, I don't have a slavic keyboard). To our great suprise, it was sunny there! It was was almost the only sun we have seen during the weekend. I also just learned that it is where the scenes of Braavos were filmed!! 

Day 2. 

Day 2 was supposed to be sunny. And well, bad luck, as is my usual right now, we had clouds and rain. I was so upset. I can,t remember the last time I had sunny holidays. The sun seems to hate me. The sky cleared during the evening, luckily. I was able to take a few shots in the beautiful light. We walked around the town of Split, which is very nice!! I have also learned that some Game of Thrones scenes were filmed there. That didn't surprise me at all. The city is the perfect setting. Now I have to rewatch and see if I can recognise something. 

Day 3. 
Well, day 3 was rainy. So much for wanting holidays in the sun. Since we didn't want to miss our flight, we decided to drive back to Trogir, which is right beside the airport. There we spent our day, until we just needed a nap. We drove close to the airport, to the beach, and slept in the car while listening to the waves crashing and the rain. 

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