Hamburg Couple Session | J&F

Fun Couple Session in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, how I love this city! It's mostly rainy though, yet so dynamic! The city itself is also very beautiful. I personally think it is the most interesting city in Germany. (Berlin is interesting history wise, but not as beautiful. Munich is gorgeous, but not as dynamic as Hamburg) 

Two days before their session, I had my own couple session done with Vanessa Madec Photographies. We did it as a souvenir from Hamburg, one we could cherish for a while! 

As I did that, I thought I could offer this to others too! That's a little bit how this session took place! F and J are friends we met during our time there. The French community is quite wide in HH as Airbus has a production plant there. We are very happy to have met those we did, as they grew into very interesting friendships! As expats, we kind of have many things in common! 

We walked through Hafen City, and Speicherstadt, which are my favorite places in HH. 
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