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The Road to More Wine

Le weekend dernier, je suis allée retourner voir mon homme à Toulouse pour une 2e visite. 

Cette fois nous en avons profité pour visiter les environs. Notre but: aller dans un domaine pour y gouter (et acheter!) du vin. 

En chemin nous nous sommes arrêtés à Albi, une charmante petite ville avec sa cathédrale impressionnante. 

Nous sommes ensuite reparti vers Gaillac, où nous avons visité le domaine Duffau. Ce fut d’ailleurs une très belle expérience. Les propriétaire du vignoble étaient très sympathiques! Nous avons aussi acheté 9 bouteilles. C’est pas rien! 

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 I have been wandering. As a friend, my camera comes. She is my eyes, the translater to my soul. 

And my little feet walk and walk. Around the earth they go. In a quest to find beauty. 

Hamburg, Berlin, Schwerin, Bremen, Stockholm, Bristol, Bordeaux, Natashquan, Niagara Falls and my home town Sept-Iles.   

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In december, I traveled for the very first time to Berlin. 
I only spent two full days there, so I barely had any time to visit. However, I was greatly impressed by the place and I can't wait to go back.

Here are some photos from the trip. 

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After my short trip to the United-Kingdom (visiting Bath, Yeovil and Bristol) , I've had the chance to shortly visit Bordeaux as well. The city, in the region well known for its wines, is a very impressive one. It appears very rich, as you will see. 

Luckily for us, the weather was very nice and warm. For me, it felt a little bit like summer (I had none this year) hitting 20 degrees celsius at some point during the day. 

Since words can't really well describes what you may see, I'll let you have a look at the pictures.

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Bristol, Yoevil and Bath

I haven't posted travelling photos in a while I think. 
I got in Hamburg last Saturday and as my boyfriend had been called on a business trip, we thought I could join him. 

During the day I visited cities and during the evening we got to spend some time together. We hadn't seen each other in 3 months, so it was well appreciated. 

So I visited Bristol the day I arrived. Then headed for Yeovil, where my boyfriend had his meetings. The last day I spent in Bath, named Bath because of the roman baths built ... a while ago. 

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Pays Bas

Je vais vous le dire tout de suite, je ne suis pas la voyageuse la plus modèle qui soit. 
Je suis hyper facilement impressionable ... par ce qui est anodin

Par exemple, je ne regarde pas tant l'architecture dans les autres pays, mais je vais être super impressionnée de voir que les nuages ressemblent à ceux de Mario Bros (Je me suis abstenu de prendre une photo, jai des millions de photos de nuages déjà.)
Pas que ces nuages la n'apparaissent nulle part ailleurs, mais les nuages sont différent tout dépendant de où tu te trouves. Tu ne verras pas les mêmes nuages sur le bord de la mer, que dans une vallée, ou qu'en plein milieu d'une zone continentale. Ça, ça m'impressionne.

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I can't believe I have been here for 6 months and yet, haven't visited the region. Well that needs to be done ASAP! (Am I not travelling to the Netherlands next weekend? iiiiiii) 

Last sunday, we decided, (my man, my camera, my 50mm lens and me) to do mini trip near Hamburg to the amazingly beautiful Schwerin. It was well worth it! Very often, the best locations are not the one that are well known! 

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Stockholm, I fell in love with you. 
You sit near the sea, from islands to firm ground
You sun is shy comes winter 

Stockholm I haven't seen enough of you
I promise I'll be back
When your sun won't be shy anymore
I shall return with joy
And discover the many faces of yours. 

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The North

Home. This is where I grew up. 
Sept-Iles, surrounded by the sea and the forest. A place of hidden wonders.
I was lucky to live by the beach last summer, taking daily photographs of the scenery. I am not a landscape photographer, but this time, I couldn't resist. 

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As many already know, I have moved (or am currently trying to) in Hamburg, Germany. My boyfriend lives here, hence I am joining him for a new adventure! After nearly 6 years of long distance relationship, this move has been long expected. 

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