Best of 2014

3 years of University ended this year. My graduation, back in June, was the final moment of years of efforts and hard work. But why did I go to university? 
Well, I was lost. Artistically I was lost. I went to University to study Fine Arts, not photography. I had next to no background in arts. Stressful it felt when I first put my feet in a class. Drawing, painting, sculpture, you name it, all for one purpose only, to find others ways to see photography. 

I had a block. Before my studies I was at a point where I knew I loved photography, but didn't know where to go with it. I was scared of failure. I hated myself when I didn't evolve fast enough, I didn't like the path I was taking. So I went somewhere where I could let the creativity flow again, and where I would have some time to think back at what I wanted to do.

And well, this year has been special. I had one class where I HAD to reflect on my work and my future. Of course, I had no more clue than 3 years before ... 
Until one day, my teacher told me I cared too much. I put too much pressure. And THAT, was why I didn't know. I didn't even let myself experiment. So as an exercise, I was forced to take bad photos, to make experiments, to JUST DO IT. And it changed everything. I had not all answers to my questions, but once again I felt alive with a camera in my hands. 
After that, I did some of my best and favorite projects so far. I started really enjoying Fine Arts photography and started hoping that one day I may participate in exhibitions. I had more customers that I even wished for and even better, those clients were fully trusting me. I just had the best clients I could ever hope for!! I am really grateful for the year I just had. I grew in self-confidence and I wish I will keep going on that path for a long while! 

I hope 2015 will bring me as much joy as 2014 did. Since I am now moving to Europe, new challenges are to be expected.  I might not be able to do as much as I wish, but at least, I know I am enjoying the ride more than ever. 

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