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Munich Day After Bridal Session | Destination Photo Session | Kaitie and Tyler

Can you believe these guys flew all the way from Illinois to Munich, Germany to have their bridal session during their honeymoon?
What a wonderful idea! I mean, sometimes you just wish to relax on your wedding day and spend it all with your guests. You can then later have your bridal session when the weather is nice, you feel more relaxed, and have more time.

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Romantic Wedding in Slovakia | Ingrid and Miki

Storms were raging across Europe. Some kilometres away were rain and floods. The forecast in Bratislava was not so good for the weekend and we woke up to a cloudy morning. The day was supposed to be cloudy with showers. We could deal with that, we had time.

Around noon, the sun came through. The clouds lifted and left. We hurried to our first destination: Schlosshof in Austria.

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Only Love

French version will follow

I met Guilherme in my german class last year. As internationals in Germany, we couldn't speak a word of that language when we first met. Niveau A1 (beginner) it was for us!  
Guilherme, from Brazil, could't speak a lot of English either. For communication, we only had that foreign language, so unknown and alien to us at first. But well, humans, especially those who are so far from home, find ways to understand each other nonetheless. Connections are so important when we move into a new country. Thus, Guilherme and I became fast friends.

Most of you know why I moved to Germany, I had a boyfriend who works here. He's also an "expat", he speaks French fluently (my mother tongue), it makes things a lot easier. 
Guilherme had his own reasons to move here. Now, he also has a boyfriend: A german one. They communicate mostly in German. 

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