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Chambly Family Session | Maureen, Nick & Aedan

I find it harder to write about my friends, it skews the experience!  
Well, this couple I met in 2004, I think? They got together during our first year of CEGEP and we fast became friends. 
Maureen even remembered we used to have ballet classes together, I could only vaguely remember though. She was the anglophone girl, part of this little anglophone group. I didn't speak a word of english. Plus, I think I only stayed a year in her class! Talk about a good memory. 

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Romantic Wedding in Slovakia | Ingrid and Miki

Storms were raging across Europe. Some kilometres away were rain and floods. The forecast in Bratislava was not so good for the weekend and we woke up to a cloudy morning. The day was supposed to be cloudy with showers. We could deal with that, we had time.

Around noon, the sun came through. The clouds lifted and left. We hurried to our first destination: Schlosshof in Austria.

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