Do you travel for weddings? 
Of course I do!! 

How much are the travel costs? 
It depends on the event and location. It should include transportation and accommodation. I try to make the costs as cheap as possible. 

Will you publish our photos on your website/blog/social media? 
That is fully your choice. I would never force anyone to have their images published. You have the right to your privacy. 
However, it is always greatly appreciated when you accept. Published photos are how you found and hired me. 

How do you deliver our photos? 
Each package has it's own extras, but I basically deliver all photos in high resolution on a USB stick. 

Can I print those images? 
You have the rights to print as many images as you want and share them with your family and friends.

What about social media? 
You have the right to share your photos with your friends, family and followers on your own social media platforms. However, the photos can't be modified. While you do so, it is greatly appreciated when you mention my name and/or add a link to my website, but it's not mandatory.
It is for personal use only. Please contact me if a third party asks for the use of the images, or if you wish to use the images in order to participate to a contest. 
What kind of equipment do you use? 
I use two Nikon D800 with Nikkor and Sigma Lenses. I also use a SB-600 flash when needed.