Wedding Clients

 Photographs are timeless and will keep memories from the day you spent so much time and energy preparing. Hence, it is very important for me that you enjoy the experience. 

 For every wedding I photograph, I make sure that my client is happy and confident about that special day to come. We first have a meeting (in person, on the phone or via Skype) to discuss your day.
In that meeting we will:

  • Set a schedule together 
  • I will give you some tricks for the day  
  • Discuss what we have in mind for the images
  • Discuss locations and plan B in case of bad weather  

 As you will quickly notice, your wedding day happens like a blur! I will make sure to capture everything that makes it special so you can take time later to fully enjoy everything about that day.

  I work mainly with natural light. My style is a mix between classical portrait, fine arts and journalistic wedding photography. That means I will take mostly non-intrusive candid shots during the day and will also do more classic portraits. 
I like clear, bright and airy images for most of my photos, but also enjoy doing more dark and contrasted images if it fits the mood better. I let myself be inspired by the moment. 

  Overall, I wish to deliver a set of photographs that will make you travel back into your memories. I want this moment in your life feel like a dream, feel like something you will always come back to and feel what you felt at the very moment it happened. 

I also wish

  • The images to reflect your personality
  • The images to be natural
  • To have a fun time with you
  • To tell your story