January 29, 2019

Last year, my boyfriend and I booked a couple’s session in memory of our time in Hamburg. We were moving to Munich, and I thought a photo session would be a nice way for us to immortalize our time in this lovely city. Juraj and I got to spend some quality time together. It was fun, we took some time for ourselves, we got closer. It was a couple’s activity.

I have been wanting to offer that to my clients for a while now but never finding the time to do so. Then last spring Christine contacted me for a couple’s session. The universe answered my prayers! (ok I didn’t really pray, but it was still very much in my mind all the time)
This session made me realize how much I’d missed photographing couples and how much I really want these to be my specialty. So I worked on it and came with this:

The Adventure Sessions.
Prices start at 250.00

What exactly is it?
Well it’s a session that focuses on the couple spending time together doing an activity and connecting. In other words, it’s a couple’s get together date.
Activities can be anything you like to do. Lie in bed all day, walk on the beach, hiking, camping, cooking, going to your favorite cafe, a walk in your favorite spots in the city, name it. I will be there to immortalize those moments, help you connect and have fun.

It is perfect as an anniversary gift, for couples who are just looking for a different activity, or for those who are tired of the usual hotel, spa and massage idea.

So this couple had their adventures on the beach, which is actually their backyard. They were accompanied by their big-fluffy-oh-so-cute dogs. They get to keep some visual memories from this special moment.

This kind of session is perfect for making albums! You get something physical to keep your memories in, something you can cherish forever, and if you have kids, something you can share with them later on!