April 22, 2020

That may sound funny to read, considering my job, but it took me a while to understand why a Couple’s Photo Session would be something couples would want to do. That is until I tried it myself last Janurary, when doing self-portraits with my man to test some couples natural posing techniques I had just learned. I needed to know if it really worked. Spoiler alert, it did! (Our photos are at the end of the article)

But mostly, my biggest take away was realising how bonding and romantic a Couple’s Photo Session was. Here is why.

1. It’s a couple’s date.

When my man and I need some time together, our default “go to” activity is a trip to the spa or to the restaurant. Let me tell you: We love it, but it can get boring. Especially when we go to the same spa, and to the same restaurant over and over… and over. It quickly becomes routine, stealing away from what made it so special at first.

So one day, I invited him to do some self-portraits couple photos to test a potential session location near our home. As I said, I wanted to test the cues I use on couples to help them be natural in front of the camera. This way I would know if it made sense to use them in the future. I didn’t expect anything. Those, for me, were tests. But I’m happy to say it worked! Self-portrait is another game and a bit more complicated because the camera doesn’t move, so neither can we. This restriction made emotions so much more important.

And god we had fun! It felt like a nice date!
Just like this couple pillow fighting and playing with their cute little dog!! And that brings me to my second point.

2. It’s condensed love

It was a very romantic moment. My man actually, surprisingly, loved this activity. Once it was over, he hugged me and said we should do that more often. He especially liked going outdoors and discovering new beautiful locations. The condensed love was a big big bonus, the detail that made the experience memorable.

It was very condensed connecting time. We were outdoors in a beautiful setting, hugging, kissing, smiling at each other, being a bit awkward sometimes, and playfully silly.

We were entirely focused on each other.

How often does that happen to you? No distractions. No netflix. No work. No pets. No kids. No facebook. No emails. No Obligations. For one hour. It’s just you two, connecting, loving. Both of us here work from home, so it is sometimes hard to disconnect from all of our distractions. But there, in the forest, that was our only goal.

And that brings me to my third point.

3. The memories

The biggest highlight of this experience was to see the results. Let me tell you first that we are not the kind of couple who hangs photos of us in the house. I’m more of an album person. Yet, once we saw the results, our first reaction was: We have to print that!! Where can we put it? (Answer: It will probably end up in an album, but I’m considering printing a small one to put on my work desk)

Every time I looked at the images, I felt giddy. We spent a moment just staring at us, full of wonder and happy. That photo showed more than our fun together, it showed me how we look at each other. It showed us how our love can be felt when we hug. It showed us how beautiful our love is. And really, we felt closer to each other as we drove back home.
And bonus, I got to have a new ultimate favorite photo of us:

And we loved it so much that we repeated the experience a few days later. We wanted a winter setting, so we headed to the mountains for these.

And again when spring came and the forest was blooming.

All in all, every experience helped us connect. My man being busy, those moments will be cherished for life!