April 22, 2020

As our job requires meeting people one on one, 2020 has hit the photography industry hard, for both clients and photographers.
So I thought I could give you my tricks for taking photos on your own. Not only will that be useful if you need to create a lot of online content (without always hiring a pro), it will also help you when working professional photographers, as the process of posing naturally will come easier to you.

This article will focus on ways to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, not on light, posing, or how to use your material. Before you start, I will nonetheless give you some extra tips.

  1. If you don’t live alone, you can always ask your partner or roommate to press the button for you.

  2. If you have no one to take photos for you, learn how you can use the timer on your phone/camera and how to shoot multiple photos at once. Buying a remote is also a very good option.

  3. Look for flattering light. You won’t like the results if the light isn’t good. An easy tip for indoor light is to stand near a window with indirect light (no sun rays coming in.) Look towards the window for soft light. (Check diagram at the bottom of article) Outdoor lighting is best when the sun is low. On cloudy days, the best is stand in shadow, with you face turned towards where the light comes from.

  4. Also, turn off the lights in your house. The color of those lights isn’t the same as the outdoor light and you will end up with undesired colors in your images.

  5. You can use a mirror. Place it behind or near the camera so you can see how you look, how the lights hits you, and if you need to change your posture. But don’t rely too much on it.

I tested the tricks on myself before writing this, and got more great photos than I expected! I tested both indoor and outdoor. And I had a silly session with the cat.
To take the indoor photos I used a remote, and set the camera and remote to take multiple photos at once so I don’t have to press every single time. The outdoor photos are taken by my boyfriend and the camera is on a tripod.