My goal is to make your day stress-free, fun, and easy. I'll help you plan when you need it and be your cheerleader for your fun and crazy ideas! I'm light hearted and love humour. I will absolutely laugh at your jokes! My very first passion in life was the Universe. At 3 years old, all I wanted was to walk on the Moon. At 6 the only books I read were about the solar system. At 8 I realised I hated maths, so said goodbye to the idea of becoming an astronaut. At 10 I discovered photography and got a new passion. But the night sky remained my first love, and you will see it a lot in my work. I love to observe the simple beauties in life, whether it is human connection or nature, and I am glad to be able to share that with you!

- Maria Montessori



I speak

French, English, and 2/3 German

Food / DRINKS you could theoretically pay me with

(or around which we could meet to discuss your needs)

I'll be totally in for a random moment of silliness if you quote

To relax, I...

Read books (60 to 90 a year), pet my cat, cuddle with my man, go to the spa, have a glass of something above 5%, try new restaurants, photograph the sky, visit new places, dream of new photo session ideas, watch F1, think about hiking but never do it.

the story behind the business name

What does EMERIS mean?

Absolutely nothing! (And I find this really funny) Basically, my name is way too common for me to have a website address with it. There's already another photographer with that name, and a videographer, and a singer, and, and, and... So I looked for a name that would fit with me. It's way harder than you think! After lots and lots of google research to find something that wasn't already taken, I crafted the word from emerald (my brand was green by then) and the ending "is" just because I liked the sound of it. It feels magical and ... more like me and my vision than a photography pun, or a cheesy sentimental name ever would! So I kept it.


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