Vienna Blue Hour Session

January 7, 2022

So, it’s done. I moved to Vienna. We needed to move closer to Bratislava, so we chose this gorgeous city. Since I already speak German enough (I say 2/3), it was the best choice for us and my business.

Soon after my arrival, I was excited to visit the city and wasn’t disappointed. Since I moved in Europe in 2014, I’ve lived in Hamburg, Munich, and Vienna, and I can say now that Vienna is my favourite of the three!
Why? Because it is the perfect mix of both German cities. Hamburg has a very dynamic and alternative vibe, while Munich is more classic and close to nature. Vienna has all of this in good measures. The city is classic AND dynamic AND has alternative features too. Plus, it is still close to nature! We might not get the highest mountains here, but we have vineyards (big yay for me!), smaller mountains, and the drive to the bigger alps isn’t far at all! (especially when measured in Canadian distance)

That said, I was really excited to start taking couple sessions in this city. And here I present you my first one! We went on a discovery walk in popular locations around the city centre. I still have so many more gorgeous locations to discover, but this one is perfect for tourists who would like to have some memories of their passage through Vienna. It’s hard to cram a lot of locations in 1 hour, but it is possible to do so in the centre.

But now let me tell you about my favorite thing here! (Well apart from the couple, who was amazing and so fun to work with!) The end of their session took place during blue hour. What is blue hour? It is the 15-20 minutes of light we have after the sun has set. What is cool with this is that the city lights turn on, and that creates a completely different atmosphere. So romantic! The session ended when it was dark and I wish I could have done more. Evening sessions are beyond magical!!

Want to go for a romantic and fun walk around Vienna? Contact me!

Here is what they said about their experience:
Neither Hus and I are super comfortable in front of the camera, but we figured we’d have fun with it! … We had so much fun! The smiles and laughter were 100% genuine. Even Hus, who wasn’t really looking forward to the evening had a great time!