HUSKY PUPPIES! | Cutest Couple Session

January 7, 2022

One year ago, in January, this couple reached out to me to photograph a unique moment in their lives. They welcomed a litter of the cutest Husky puppies ever! THE DREAM!
I talk a lot about using photo sessions as a way to celebrate moments as a couple, and this one is the icing on the cake! Families can grow in multiple ways, and this one should be celebrated as well!

It probably was my most chaotic session to date, but as usual chaos doesn’t bother me. It was a lot of fun!! All the puppies were so excited to explore the area, it was mostly impossible to keep them all in the same place. It was so so adorable. We focused on interactions between the couples, and with the huskies. And by the end, took some individual images of them all. That mades great memories to keep forever as the little ones got new homes to live in.

Cuteness overload? Through the roof!!

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