Vienna Prater Park Cozy Evening Session

April 15, 2022

Last spring, just before I moved to Vienna, I had a workshop with Karina Schwarzenbock. It focused on finding my magic. The goal was to find what differentiates me and my business from others, but also, what makes me tick as an artist. From that point on, I could go on and find my niche. It’s so easy to get lost in all the possibilities creativity can offer. Finding focus isn’t always so straight forward.

Anyway, part of the answer to what makes me tick was right in my face the whole time. It was within me, and also what I like the most about myself: my connection to my inner child. This answer became the first step to the exciting discoveries that followed! I also found out WHY I really want to photograph people: I want you to see for yourselves how beautiful your love and connections to others are.

So how does this translate to my business? What has our inner child to do with that? Well, my inner child is what helped me most in life. It is what makes me want to be an artist today, connect with people, live new experiences, and find joy and beauty. I realise now that I wish to invite others to rediscover and celebrate their inner child too. I want you to experience the world with the eyes and the heart of a child, where beauty is found in magical moments and simple things. So yes, your connection and love is beautiful, but don’t we all also deserve a little spark of magic too? Something to make the experience even more special? YES!

How do we do that together?

This blog post is all about the first step I took! I want to invite a little magic in our sessions. I asked myself: “What would I have wanted most as a child?”. And the answer was: anything magical and out of the ordinary! Think about the movie A Little Princess, when she wakes up to an exotic and richly decorated room, full of delicious food and dreams. Or think about blanket forts, hidden picnics, flottable beds on the water, you name it! So the idea to build sets for you was born. And here is the result!

I built a little set in the wilder part of Prater Park in Vienna and the couple loved it! It was especially magical when the sun went down. We were in a bubble of magical light while it was dark and quiet all around. It was super cozy and comfortable. A dream! A great set for couples to really disconnect from their daily lives, in order to reconnect deeply with each other! Andreea and Bogdan even brought a bit of wine to enjoy and relax as well!

And now, what about connection? It is hard not be be self-conscious in front of the camera! This is something I will discuss in this post. (Click on link to view)

Would you like to add a little magic in your life? Contact me!