Munich Bridal Session

July 20, 2020

Another amazing international couple! They were supposed to have a big mountain ceremony this year, but due to Covid, everything needed to be postponed. So they booked a special Bridal Session in Munich to replace their postponed wedding party.

We did the session 2 days before their original date. It gave them photos to send their guests for their new invitations on the day they should have been celebrating together. And it gave them heartwarming memories despite having to wait another year to celebrate with their loved ones.

We decided to do the bridal session in the city center of Munich, so they also could have memories from a city they both love. They share a lot of beautiful moments here. Next year’s event will be in the Alps, where they often go hiking!

We made this session very casual and started with a stop at the Biergarten! Bier surely helps to loosen up a bit! We chatted a bit before we headed to the city center for the rest of their session.

The lack of tourists these days made this so much easier! Every location was emptier than usual, so I didn’t need to work so hard to make them appear alone in the world! And what a gorgeous light!! It’s the biggest bonus of day-after or day-before bridal sessions: Flexibility! We got to wait for great weather, making sure all was perfect! And, the most important: this couple was so laid back and easy to work with! We had so much fun together and they let their love shine in a beautiful way!!

Dress: White by Vera Wang
Make Up:

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