TOP 10 LOCATIONS IN MUNICH to do your Photo Session.

November 7, 2020

Munich is one of the most gorgeous city I’ve ever been to! (and lived in!) Its amazing architecture with lots of gardens and green areas makes Munich a really nice place to live in. And of course, it’s perfect for photo sessions! Here I will share my top 10 locations in Munich to do your photo session!

1. CITY CENTER – Marienplatz, Odeonsplatz, and everything in between.

I understand why this place is a touristic attraction. It just so gorgeous.
It’s one of the favorite locations to do a photo session for expats who want memories from their time in the city. And within a very small area, we get a lot of variety!

2. PARKS – Englischer Garten and Hofgarten

No need to go far in Munich to find nature!
Whether it is the river and lush greens of Englischer Garten or the order and beauty of Hofgarten, you can enjoy both locations alongside urban photos in the city center.

3. PARKS 2 – Luitpold Park and Olympische Park

This park is the definition of perfection. It’s usually quiet enough for a photo session. It has trees and hills and beautiful pathways.
As for the Olympische Park, it’s big enough for us to have space anywhere.
And, most importantly, they have cherry trees blossoming in the spring. But if you want a quiet time, you have to be up early!!


I love this place for evening images, especially Siegestor! It’s gorgeous! Walking around the University during the day can also be really interesting! If you have never been indoors, it’s really nice too! There are also many photogenic spots when you walk from the Odeonsplatz to the University.

5. MINIMALIST AND MODERN – Pinakothek der Moderne

If you prefer a very minimalistic and urban look, the Pinakothek der Moderne is the place to go. And the space being covered, it perfect for those mid-day sessions, when the sun is really hard to work with. For the same reason, it’s also one of the best spots for rainy days.

6. FORESTS – Perlacher Forst and Hohenbrunn

No need to drive far outside of Munich to find good forests to walk in. Perlacher Forst is perfectly situated and not far to drive to.
As for the little patch of forest between Ottobrun and Hohenbrunn, it’s for those who wish to have a forest feel while not having to go deep in! I’ll admit that this one is my top 1 favorite location in Munich.

7. BIERGARTENS – Your Favorite

I often start sessions there. We drink a beer and chat before we begin. I love couples who do that since it helps us get to know each other and will help you feel more comfortable during the session. Plus, beer. If you girls have a hard time convincing your man to follow you in a photo session, that here will sure help! And finally, it’s a special expat or traveler’s treat! I especially like the Biergarten am Wiener Platz. The surrounding area is just as nice so the session can happen all in the same location with a lot of variety.

8. WATER AND LAKES – Starnbergsee

Who doesn’t love the clear waters of Starnbergsee and the view of the Alps?
From Munich’s City Center, it’s really easy to reach this location (Starnberg) and you get both a lake view, beautiful nature, and urban scenes.

9. INDOOR – Botanische Garten

When you’d like to have trees and greens during winter, the Botanische Garten is the place to go. It’s so refreshing to have a taste of summer again! I would suggest this place mainly for couples and portraits.

10. ALTERNATIVE VIBE – Bahnwärter Thiel

If you’d like to go for a different vibe, Bahnwärter Thiel is a cool place to hang out. (Even without the photo session! Just go for a drink!) If you can’t go in the area directly, the street around is covered with street art and can create a totally different vibe for your session.

That’s it for my top 10 locations in Munich to do your photo session! (It’s even more than 10!) Some work better for couples and portraits, some are best for families. In any case, when you make your choice, it has to be a place you want to create memories in. Don’t hesitate to suggest locations I might not know about. We never know, it may end up on this list!

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