Toulouse Intimate Backyard Wedding

July 25, 2020

This was probably the nicest, most simplest intimate backyard wedding I have witnessed. Nico and Nhi had other ideas in mind when they planed their event. Among other things, it was at a beautiful domain, and 130 guests were invited.

Well, with the virus this year, all their plans changed.

So they transformed their big wedding into a small intimate backyard wedding. 30 people were invited. We had street Viet food and Canapes, a piece montée, multiple bottles of champagne, beer and cocktails! Bonus: Good weather! They had to push their date twice and the first two times, weather was really sad.

The one thing we all agreed once that day was over was: It was better this way. It was fun, relaxed, intimate, and inexpensive. The food was excellent. Nothing was complicated.

Nico and Nhi are personal friends of ours, and my boyfriend and I were Nico’s witnesses. Taking photos at the same time was a really fun challenge for me. Yet it remained uncomplicated. We did a quick 15 minutes session after the civil ceremony and called it a day. And I feel that this was enough.

Small weddings are great too and sometimes all that we really need. So if you are looking to get married in a more simple way, intimate backyard weddings are the way to go!

Dress: Plumetis
Flowers: Lily & Confettis
Rings: Perouse and Piquemal Baron
Viet Street Food: Banh Mi
Canapés and Piece Montée: Fornara

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