WHAT TO WEAR TO YOUR SESSION? 10 Style Tips for Gorgeous results!

May 29, 2020

First, I want to say that you can wear whatever you want to your session. It’s you, it’s your personality and your style. Most importantly, it’s YOUR memories!

Only three things should guide your decision.
1. Your personal preferences.
2. What you have in your wardrobe.
3. The location of the session

This article will concentrate on colours and contrast. I think you can wear any type of clothes and fabric, it is ultimately colour that will make the biggest difference. The goal is to create harmonious images which are pleasant to the eye. This guide will be useful for all type of session, whether it is couples, portraits and branding, or family photos.

One BIG RULE to keep in mind is to always consider the background/landscape in your decision. This is true for every tips cited below