Winter Session in Vienna Prater Park

May 19, 2022

The Canadian in me is so happy when I see snow!! Not that I miss it, I’m glad to be rid of the -20 and -30C, but I prefer it to rain in winter. And I still feel a strong connection to the North. So when I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland in Vienna, I was beyond excited! I’ve never organised a session so fast!

I told you in an earlier post that one of the new steps I wanted to take in my business was to help couples channel their inner child to get rid of their self-consciousness. Easier said than done in front of the camera! I get you guys, I’m the same! Being behind is much much easier! But there is a solution to that!

In December I did a workshop on inviting real connection and genuine emotions with my couples, and IT. IS. A. GAME. CHANGER! This couple were my test clients and they loved it too! They told me they wished they had that easy an experience in front of the camera before.

How do we do that? I invite you to focus on each other in a way that is natural to you. No forced poses, no fake smiles. Yes, I will give you directions for technical reasons (composition and light for example, so I might ask you to stand somewhere specific), but I will also give you “prompts” to help you forget about the camera. Your only job will be to participate freely and to have fun with it. The prompts aren’t directives (like “do this”), they are more like little games made for you to connect. It is very open, so you have the freedom to act how you wish to them. What I photograph isn’t the prompt itself, but the result of that connection.

The goal is to make your personality and relationship shine, not to create fake moments. Depending on your personalities, we can invite real laughters and moments of joy, deep intimacy, or movement filled playful fun. We can do it all if you want to.

This specific session focused more on moments of joy and movement, since it is what fitted their personalities. Anytime we tried something more calm or intimate, the goof always won over. And it’s perfect this way! This is them and it will forever be a great memory!

If you want to see just how beautiful you love is, and if by any chance you wake up to a winter wonderland in Vienna, and want memories of such magic, contact me!